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Kelmė district municipality,
Vytauto Didžiojo st. 58, 86143 Kelmė
Budget office code 188768730, Register of Legal Entities
Phone/Fax (8 427) 69052,
Why choose Kelme

Kelme district municipality as an object for investments –  good reasons to invest right here

Kelme district municipality

Is located in central Lithuania with a population of approximately 29,000 and a very good infrastructure. The municipality can offer a highly competent workforce and a good business environment.
Has good access to raw materials such as rapeseed, grains, corns.

Is, as an object for investments, under-researched, undervalued and underpriced.

Will make express processing of all necessary permits and approvals.

Kelmė Municipality will manage all necessary infrastructure from its budget to the boundary of your company plot.
Provides  investors exemption from property tax and land tax for ten years.


  It is possible to get EU financial structural funds measures:

(i)                 Region Invest (call will be available later this year) – supporting manufacturing investment (may cover up to 45 % of the project CAPEX); Your company can get 1,5 mln. EUR, if the investment will be made in Kelme municipality.

(ii)               Smart FDI (call already available) – supporting R&D investment (may cover up to  80 % of initial R&D investment)


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